Life in the Valley March 17, 2024

Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center

Have you heard about the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center (SWCC)? This local non-profilt organization rescues native wild animals that have lost their homes to development, or are found injured, orphaned, or abandoned. When possible, they rehabilitate and release them back to the wild…where they belong.



Their mission is to “save our wildlife, one life at a time” and that’s exactly what they do. Recently, they got a call that two javelinas fell into an abandoned root cellar and couldn’t get out. They sprung into action, created a pulley system to pull them out one at a time. Read more about the rescue here.

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If you’re new to the area, learn how to peacefully co-exist with native wildlife. There are resources for you to learn about the animals and help you prepare for encounters with javelina, bobcats, coyotes and other wild animals.



If you’ve not been to the Southwest Sanctuary in Scottsdale (27026 N. 156th Street), I encourage you take a tour. There are multiple options but you do need to sign-up in advance on their website. I did the “walk with the wildlife” 2-hour guided tour, where we got to see the permanent sanctuary residents that could not be released back into the wild. The tour guides were very knowledgeable and told interesting stories about the animals, including black bears, bobcats, javelina, mountain lions, deer, tortoises and more.



There are numerous ways to support the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center – attend a tour, donate money or items on their wish list, sponsor an animal, volunteer and more. There’s even a “virtual baby shower” fundraising even going on now.